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14 Stunning Wedding Photos That Are Basically Works Of Art

A wedding picture causes a thousand happy tears.

Four times a year, the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers gets together to pick the best wedding pictures of the year.

The society chooses winners for 20 different categories each time, from "Wedding Details" to "Humor," resulting in 80 first-place winners. ISPWP just released the full list of first-place winners from 2016, and they're completely gorgeous. Some highlights:

1. This bride feeling all of the feels.

Vinci Wang Photography / Via

2. This couple who are literally walking on cloud nine.

Two Mann Studios / Via

3. This happy pair of newlyweds.

Daniel Moyer Photography / Via

4. This couple who refuse to fade into the background.

Claudine Grin Photography / Via

5. This jubilant groom.

Lutterbach Fotografia Autoral / Via

6. This unimpressed young wedding guest.

Rosita Lipari / Via

7. This getting-dressed snapshot.

Pavel Kritchko Photography / Via

8. This high-flying bouquet frozen in motion.

Benjamin Brette / Via

9. This cat who just wants to get in on the wedding fun.

Shiraliev Photography / Via

10. This beautiful bride from the side.

Jose Ignacio Ruiz / Via

11. This groom who's being watched over by Honest Abe.

Lionel Madiou / Via

12. This truly blessed couple.

Gardères Sylvain / Via

13. This bride who's wearing some impressively waterproof mascara.

Apresh Chavda / Via

14. And this couple, who won't let the rain stop them from getting the perfect photo.

Minifeel Photography / Via

All of the winners can be seen here.