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A Truly Exposal Of Our Beloved NASA - Challenger

Don't mind the common, porsuit the truth

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The Truth:

Explosion of the space shuttle challenger - 1986.

Even at that time information on media for this "accident" had come out, claiming that rubber rings serving to seal fuel tank parts were defective. This all just tried to cover up an ignorance, sadism, like lies and conspiracies that mercenary NASA temptation to push us down.

This agency is capable of sacrificing its own employees to try to prove some point. It is obvious that the rocket does not reach sky high because there is not enough technology at the time for this type. It was all an attempt to show superiority to the Soviet Union. Man has never been to space.

The new communication capability made possible by technologies such as an internet can make it possible for people who are not knowledgeable to express their truths. It is an ignorance to think that it is because someone is famous wrote something in a book that is true, which can be evidenced in our minds, when we remember that our grandparents and relatives are old owned.

The best example is the growing groups that work hard to expose as nasa lies and as universal truths of God as the groups that defend a Flat Earth.

Why am I quoting her? Because I've never seen a move to a real meeting, and a NASA has missed its biggest lie.

What does all this have to do with the information released? Prepare to visualize a greater hidden truth hidden in large corporations.

What actually happened on January 28, 1986 with the Space Shuttle Challenger for a rocket blast crashing into the Earth's dome. This may seem comical to some, but as evidence is clear and supporters grow around the world, just get out of the matrix, visualize the greater good and forget about the fitness worthy of a flock on the way to the slaughterhouse.

Despite all this, will it be that all the launches are made after this event? Leaked files from Wikibooks show photos with (left photo) and without photoshop (right), show that NASA's goal was to investigate the dome. Not everything that looks like fishing eye lens work is. As sometimes, it's just msm photoshop.

And you, what do you believe? What is before your eyes or a story told by the government and the big corporations?

"And he made an expanse, and made a division between the waters which are under the expanse, and as waters that are upon an expanse: and it was so." Genesis 1: 7 "

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