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  • Pookie and Maneki Neko

    Pookie and Neko are my two youngest kitties, they deserve treats because they are cute and awesome and because if i do not give them treats, they conspire to trip me.. so give them treats please!! i don’t want to fall down again!!

  • Marvin the Marshmallow ocelot

    this is marvin , or as he is usually called Marvicakes. marvin deserves a treat because he had such a tragic start to life, abused by humans and nearly starved to death, marvin wound up on a country road scared of his own shadow and distrusting everything and everyone. We found him in our yard, skinny as a rail and so terribly mistrusting of us. he came inside through our indoor/outdoor kitty door looking for some food, we had to corner the poor guy to catch him because as soon as he noticed us crazy humans he tried to run away but could not find the way back outside. eventually we caught him and brought him to a quiet place in the house. there with food and water and a litter box, he stayed, but he still did not trust us, it took me 2 weeks of very hard work to be able to touch him, and soon he was coming out of his shell little by little. now 6 years later Marvin is a very loving very happy boy, he’s also very smart, he can do all sorts of tricks ( like wave, sit, high five and shake paws) marvin also has warmed up to everyone in his home and knows he has no reason to be scared of anything or anyone, he spends his days lounging in the sunshine, and playing with his “siblings” 3 other kittymonsters and 2 big goofy friendly doggies.

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