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Dodie Is No Longer In The Middle With New EP

dodie, famed YouTuber and singer-songwriter, has released a well-anticipated new EP.

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She's got a secret for the mad

Dodie Clark, famed YouTube personality and singer-songwriter, naturally caused major hype earlier this summer when she announced the release of a new EP, titled “You”. Through the release of Clark’s first EP, “Intertwined,” listeners got to know the singer’s new brand--what is Dodie yellow, though? “Intertwined” held a mix of new and old songs from Clark, all displaying her passion for songwriting through immaculate lyrics and beautiful melodies.

“You” is a collection of brand new songs from Clark, and boasts a new vibe from the singer. The opening track, “In the Middle,” a cheeky song from the point of view of a person looking into a budding relationship between her ex and her new love interest, is very upbeat and holds an almost Lily Allen-esque vibe. As always, Clark’s lyrics are incredible and full of personality, and listeners get a taste of the singer’s quirky side.

Immediately following “In the Middle” is a song titled “6/10,” which Clark released on her YouTube channel, doddleoddle, one year ago. Unlike “In the Middle,” “6/10” is a slow, sad ballad illustrating anxiety and a feeling of never fitting in. Despite the song’s melancholic feeling, this is perhaps one of Clark’s most popular releases, as listeners can find themselves somewhere in the song. Furthering the connection between singer and audience in “6/10,” Clark decided to include her own listeners’ voices in the song, so that the bridge swells with hundreds of voices all feeling the same words, “I know that you don’t want me here.” Through “6/10,” the connection between Clark and her listeners inevitably grows stronger.

The title track of the EP, “You,” opens with a jazzy, upbeat plucking sequence, making it feel as though the song belongs filling ears in a Parisian café. In “You,” Clark is reflecting on a past crush that did not pan out the way she had imagined it would. Sings Clark, “now someone’s gonna get to know the better you / when I was supposed to.” Although this particular song is not necessarily happy, the soft, sweet vibe of it makes it seem as though it is--this is a skill which Clark has honed so well.

As is natural to Clark’s EPs, the following track, “Secret For The Mad,” is incredibly melancholy and harbors a great deal of sadness, unlike “You.” Perhaps the most personal track of the EP, “Secret For The Mad” deals with the pain of depression and depersonalization, which Clark has spoken about often on her YouTube channel. To many listeners, this track will hit home immediately, and leave tears streaking down their faces. In addition to being extremely personal and beautifully written, “Secret For The Mad” is sonically incredible. The song is built simply, with a one-note piano baseline being played throughout the entire track. However, it is Clark’s swelling vocals and layered harmonies that make the track what it is. By keeping the track simple, Clark is able to retain a feeling of melancholy, which perfectly reflects the song’s theme.

The final track on the EP, “Would You Be So Kind,” is another song that was released on doddleoddle well before the EP was even announced. Much like “You,” the song is upbeat and full of sweet melodies and vocals. True to Clark’s original brand, “Would You Be So Kind” was originally written on a ukulele, bringing a singer-songwriter vibe into the track seamlessly. If Clark brings “You” on tour, this track is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Dodie Clark has shown through years of songwriting that she is only building her talents. If an EP like “You” is only the beginning of what Clark has to offer, then we can’t wait to see what comes next!

Is it dodie yellow, though?

Dodie Clark / Via Twitter: @doddleoddle
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