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15 Of The Cheesiest Gifts To Give A Cat Lover

These gifts are absolutely purrfect. And if you really want to cheese it up, try Temptations® Cheezy Middles. Who says it's only mice that love cheese?

1. A cat-unicorn horn is what you need.

Archie McPhee / Via

Human horn not included, sorry.

2. A cat teepee is better than a normal cat bed.

Nip and Bones / Via

What a cozy little abode for Mr. Fluffy.

3. An instructional book on crafting with cat hair. For supreme cat ladies ONLY.

Amazon / Via

Cats shed a lot, so why not put their hair to good use?

4. Nothing says "I love cats" more than knuckle tattoos.

inthethickofit / Via

Even if they are temporary.

5. A gift for those who love books (almost as much as cats).

VintageShelfAndWall / Via

Ideally it's for books about cats.

6. A fashionable pair of socks for ladies smitten by kittens.

Asos / Via

7. Match them with the purrfect pair of shoes.

emmalambil / Via

8. Don't forget the googly-eyed sweater.

PrettySnake / Via

9. And clothes for Mr. Whiskers! He needs them too!

ChariotsAfire / Via

10. A cat phone case, so you can call meow maybe.

BeeCoolShop / Via

"Hey, I just met you / And this is crazy / But here's my belly / So pet me maybe"

11. A cat case for all your personal belongings.

This cat is literally nomming all your things.

Source: Tokyoinspired on Etsy.

12. A large set of cat-face pillows for any feline-friendly apartment.

Carriesiamon / Via

Every cat lover needs another set of eyes staring at them as they watch TV.

13. Cat meows? Music to our ears.

Amazon / Via

Meowy Christmas! Happy Mew Year!

14. Cat butt magnets because... why not?

Amazon / Via


15. What the hey... cat butt EVERYTHING!

Amazon / Via

A necessary office supply, and you know it.