15 Cats Who Are Cheesing It Up For You

Got a serious case of stare-at-your-screen syndrome today? These jokesters will go to great lengths to make you smile. Their interests include smiling, laughing, rolling around, and Temptations® Cheezy Middles.

1. This kitty wants you to rock out with massive headphones.

2. But maybe tail-karaoke is more your style?

Eh? Eh? Get it?

3. Turn that frown upside down…

Ethan Lofton / Via Flickr: eleaf

4. And then multiply it by about 1,000 times.

stocknroll / Via gettyimages.com

5. Does this uncanny impression do anything for you?

6. How about this guy’s fast-turnaround-while-wearing-glasses joke?

7. If not, you’ll definitely be left smiling…


8. When you’re invited to the drawer party!

Sarah Jones / Via Flickr: sarahakabmg

Come on in! Everyone’s invited!

9. Maybe this little attention-seeker can crack you.

10. Or this guy who is doing his darndest to clown around.

11. What about the coolest cat in town?

REX USA/Stock Connection / Rex / Via rexusa.com

12. Surely the “talk to the paw” bit deserves something.

dyyanae / Via Flickr: dyyanae

13. At least fake a laugh, like this fella.

14. Laughing is infectious, right?

BusinessBanana / Via imgur.com


Quinn Dombrowski / Via Flickr: quinnanya

OK. OK. One last try. Bet you can’t hold in the laughs…

Rikki’s Refuge / Via Flickr: rikkis_refuge

15. When there’s a full moon!

Imagine if he were on your computer right now.

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