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15 Times Your Cat Proved They Were More Athletic Than You

Our pets can be awwwww-inspiring. Get them working up a sweat with the new Tumblers™ from Temptations.

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1. When this fired-up feline wanted his very own lightweight title:

2. When this catortionist showed off her agile abilities:

3. When this Scaling Sally effortlessly made it to the top:

4. When this little kitty let everyone know he could pounce on water:

5. When this young Larry Bird nailed his slam dunk:

6. When this Somersaulting Sarah proved she deserved a gold medal:

7. When this tabby reached for the stars and touched them:

8. When City the Kitty walked 500 miles and showed us the true meaning of endurance:

9. When this impressive trio let the world know they were parallel to none:

10. When this skateboarding tomcat proved he could shred more than a roll of toilet paper:

11. When this overachiever put us to shame by doing more pull-ups than we did in all of 2014:

12. When this little catfish proved he was the next Michael Phelps:

13. When this kitty nailed the purrfect catch:

14. When this focused talent kept his mind in the game and his eye on the prize:

15. And when this parkouring pussycat took her skills to brand new heights!

Open a bag of Temptations Tumblers™, and watch your cat's inner athlete shine.

View this video on YouTube / Via Courtesy of Temptations