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Gaming In The '90s Vs. Now

Not only have the graphics improved, but so has pretty much everything.

1. In the '90s, blowing air on your games somehow fixed them.

Now, if there's a glitch, you can just redownload the game.

2. Controllers used to be so simple.

Now you're not even sure what all the buttons on your controller do.

3. You were always worried your friends would "screen look" when playing multiplayer games.

Now you can play online with an endless void of strangers who will never meet you.

4. Your face when you used to turn off your game without saving:

Your face now when you remember autosave is a thing:

5. There was a time in the '90s when a lot of your gaming was still done in an arcade.

Now you have pretty much no real good reason to leave your couch.

6. If you didn't have the instruction manual, it was impossible to play the game.

Now you can look up pretty much anything about the game online.

7. There used to be wires. Wires. Everywhere.

Now everything is wireless and simple.

8. There were always weird conspiracy theories about secret characters, bonus levels, etc.

Now you easily dispel rumors by looking them up.

9. You thought it was so cool that your game system played CDs.

Now every game system streams music, movies, and TV shows.

10. Remember when seeing this screen meant you'd need to get more quarters?

Now you can just hit start and play until you drop.

Gaming has changed drastically since the '90s, in large part due to the internet. Don't be a noob; game at the speed of light with TELUS PureFibre.