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13 Family Christmas Traditions You Secretly Look Forward To

Every family has their own traditions, and everybody complains about them. But really, Christmases spent with the people who know you best are the highlight of your year. Here's a list of all the things you whine about but secretly can't wait for.

1. Taking a family portrait with a mall Santa.

2. Going out in search of the perfect tree.

3. Piling in the car and driving around to look at Christmas lights.

4. Decorating sugar cookies to leave out for Santa.

5. Spending Christmas Eve singing carols with Mom on the piano.

6. Waiting for one of your uncles to make a "surprise" appearance in a Santa suit.


8. Having a Christmas movie marathon with the exact same films every year.

9. Making gingerbread houses with your nieces and nephews.

10. Taking bets on who'll get the worst gift from Aunt Cheryl this year.

11. The strict present-opening regime: one gift at a time, in order of youngest to oldest, until everything is unwrapped.

12. Wearing the matching Christmas sweaters your grandma knits for you and your siblings.

13. And eating until you pass out.

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