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    Answer 5 Random Questions To Get Life Advice From My Dog

    Answer 5 questions and you get to see a picture of my dog, along with some life advice. If you retake the quiz and answer differently, you might get to see a different picture of my dog along with some different life advice. Please don't steal the pictures of my dog. (Stealing the life advice is actively encouraged.)

    Answer 5 Random Questions To See a Picture of My Dog, and Also Get Some Life Advice

    I have taken too many quizzes that ask the same old boring questions and/or give me a wildly inaccurate result despite promising to be "100% Accurate!".

    I also have *far* too much time on my hands, and a German shepherd named Freyja who is both ridiculously photogenic and prone to offering life advice in the form of boofs, borks, yips, awoos, and all the other meme-ish dog noises.

    (Okay, so the life advice is actually from *me*, but just... pretend it's from the dog, alright?)


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