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Nerkloid Invasion

an original very short story by TeaSalad

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I can't believe how much things  have changed. A green moon a bright blue sun. How odd. I  would have never thought that an invasion by the nerkloid would change out world this much. They are so peaceful but sadly couldn't breath our air so the filled it with gasses. Ones we couldn't breath. Turned the moon a  green and the sun bright blue. Humans, dropping like flies as the gasses take effect. Some lucky enough to have gas masks but not my family we know we only have a few days left. I have said goodbye to my friends trying to settle with the peace of dying eating all the food I could. My sister passed only a few hours ago it was a peaceful passing I was glad for her. Strangely the world seems as it is at a standstill. No world powers are fighting anyone because they know there is so little left. Spend it with your families most spout off. Maybe death pulls out the best in some. I mean despite the aliens we would have died eventually why couldn't we have just appreciated those we had in our lives in the first place.

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