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The Stages Of Post-Grad Blues As Told By Michael Scott

August isn't for back to school shopping anymore *cries*

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Graduation weekend is a complete and utter blur of chaos. Before you know it, you're walking away with a diploma in your hand!

The first few weeks home are great! You get to celebrate finally getting your degree...

You get to pig out and enjoy raiding your fully stocked fridge at home...

And, of course, you get to binge-watch all of your favorite Netflix series and funny cat videos on YouTube.

Everything seems fine and dandy as you settle in, until one day you wake up and feel, well, sad.

You're not really sure how this happened. Maybe it's because your entire family is asking you what your plan is now, and giving you life advice you didn't necessarily ask for...

Or maybe it's because your bank account has slowly dwindled down to practically nothing after all of your celebrating...

Or maybe even because you realized for the first time how tedious and horrible it is applying to full-time adult jobs.

And you're genuinely just confused because you thought that graduating would turn you into a full-fledged adult, when in reality, you're slowly panicking about what your next step is.

But still, you figure you'll definitely have it figured out by the time everyone goes back to school.

But as June and July slip by and you're faced with August, you go into complete panic mode.

When you hear your friends in college talk about all of the fun things they have planned, you can't help but feel a little sad.

And when you didn't get that job you wanted, or aren't sure if you want to go back to grad school yet, or you literally just have no clue what to do now, you feel tricked. How could this happen?

You insist to your friends and family that you have it all mapped out...

When in reality, you're feeling just as lost and confused as a lot of other post-grads.

And when you start to see your friends pack up and go back, you can't help but feel just a teeny bit upset that for the first time, August doesn't signal going back to school for yourself.

But on some level, you know that these are all growing pains, and it's important to stay optimistic.

Even if you are feeling those post-grad blues, you can reminisce about the fun times, but also look forward to all of the amazing things you are going to accomplish, and the new fun memories you will make.

So go out into the world and always remember how amazing you are!

And no matter what anyone says, you are now officially one degree hotter.

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