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    Giselle Mascarenhas Has The Perfect Solution For Over 50's Looking To Monetize Social Media

    Tell me if this feels familiar - you’ve decided to turn your greatest talent into a course. It’s gotten some great traction, and has allowed you to create a few more and even publish your own book on the subject.

    You’ve started building a community, and preferring to take the personal approach, love to hold events and book signings to get to know your audience face-to-face, leaving the management of your social media accounts to the professionals. But lately, with everything going on in the world, you haven’t been able to hold these events, and are now feeling really disconnected from your community. How do you overcome this? How do you take something you have never understood, or just haven’t had the time to learn how to navigate, to create more engagement and a deeper personal connection to your audience? Giselle has the solution.

    A former publicist, Giselle has been navigating the world of personal branding and communications for over 12 years. Her experiences have led her to form the Bold Instatute, a safe haven for successful entrepreneurs who have a million and one reasons to hate social media and all its learning curves. Giselle and her team specialise in encouraging late adapters to social media by helping guide them through creating more personal content, whilst still maintaining their privacy. Giselle also aids her students to do so by not compromising their already limited time, giving them an effective strategy to carve out only a couple of hours each month to create meaningful content, and taking only a few minutes each day to engage with their curated and thriving communities.

    The Bold Instatute understands Public Relations from a traditional perspective as well as digital. Giselle has made it her mission to help those who were not born into the age of social media tackle its ever-changing nature and algorithms. She loves working with over 50s in particular, as she finds they are yet to adopt social media as a tool for building influence and community, but are the ones most willing to learn. “We lead with a shame-free approach. We speak in their language, value their success and achievements whilst also taking them through the learning curve step by step,” says Giselle. “It’s important for us to do this with compassion and patience because we were once those people. We understand how it feels not to have this knowledge and the need to learn it.”

    The success of Bold Instatute comes from Giselle working with her clients by tackling mindset first, especially the fear of protecting their privacy. “We do not remind them of how little they know but how much greatness is awaiting their audience who will gain so much by learning a little more about them,” Giselle says. Teaching clients how to put just enough of them personally online, is what not only makes them more accessible to their audience, but leaves them wanting to learn more. The Bold Instatute’s investment in their student’s success is what truly sets them apart, and Giselle has done a remarkable job in creating a culture based on shared values between her and her client’s, whilst also providing them with a solution to their biggest problem.