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The Cast Of "Wrecked" Played Never Have I Ever: Survival Edition

SOS. This game took a turn. Check out the cast of Wrecked in all their glory, Tuesdays 10/9C on tbs.

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We played a Survival Edition of "Never Have I Ever" with the cast of Wrecked and, not unlike getting plane-wrecked on an island with a bunch of strangers, things got completely out of hand. (We blame the minibar bottles.)

One of them answers to the nickname "The Ghost." One might have a dead grandmother, we’re not sure. All we know is they’d never last a day in the wild. (And Asif has never had sex outdoors.)

Ally: You people are disgusting!

Asif: Yeah, that's disgusting.

Brooke: Shit happens.

Jessica: It was a fuzzy textured leaf and…I liked it. It was like the nicest toilet paper I've ever used.

Zach: Without a lighter and matches, you mean?

Brooke: Of course not. What are you talking about?

Brian: We're actors. We don't start fires from scratch.

George: I can't even open this little bottle.

Ally: We're incapable.

Jessica: WE SUCK!

George: Metaphor?

Will: That's deep.

Zach: I kind of did. I helped my dad build a treehouse.

Brian: Oh, I built a treehouse once.

Ally: You guys are adorable.

Zach: My dad’s dead.

Asif: Let’s all drink to that!

Jessica: Excuse me. I was bitten by a fire ant in my taint during shooting.

Asif: And her performance got drastically better!

Brooke: Really turned it around.

Ally: Bugs have been in every crevice of our bodies.

Will: I’m learning a lot. I’m glad we’re doing this.

Zach: I’m actually not sure if I have or not, but I just wanted to drink.

Brian: Asif, you haven’t f*cked outside?

Asif: Not until tonight! Gimme a zoom right now.

Ally: What?! Take it out now!

Brooke: We’ll all take a run at you.

Brian: I peed on my grandmother! I pissed on my grandmother when she got stung by a jellyfish.

Zach: Yeah, but she was dead.

Brooke: Why did you pee on her? She couldn’t feel it, she was dead.

Asif: She was like, Why are you doing that?

Will (to Brian): Your grandmother. After she died of shock.

Brian: My grandmother’s alive, everyone! She’s not dead!

Brian: Does ass count?

Ally: Is this only penises?

Will: Girls have "penises" too.

Jessica: I burned my tiny dick.

Bryan: We’re actors.

Ally: We have no skills.

Brian: At one point or another, one of us has said “We have to go back for Jessica Lowe."

Jessica: That’s why they call me The Ghost.

Brooke: We don’t call you that.

Ally: You can’t give yourself your own nickname.

Jessica: Yes, I can. People, spread it! Spread that ghost.

Brooke: We almost died parasailing today. Does that count?

Zach: How would that count as flying?

Brooke: I don’t think a human can be up in the air without calling it flying.

Asif: What does The Ghost think though?

Jessica: Ghost thinks yes.

Brooke: Don’t encourage her.

Asif: No, I’m embracing it.

Brian: Mermaids aren’t real.

Will: Hey, don’t ruin it for people who believe in mermaids.

Brooke: Who hasn’t been betrayed by a mermaid?!

Ally: They’re shady.

Brooke: Such assholes.

Jessica: Wrecked’s not about mermaids. Read all about it! Wrecked ain’t about mermaids!

Ally: I’m trying NOT to get pregnant.

Brooke: Brian’s the only one with a kid.

Brian: I’m the only one who cares about the human race here, I guess.

Zach: I fuck for death, man.

Asif: That’s like the most punk sentence.

You heard it here first, folks. Now go get Wrecked. Tuesdays 10/9C on tbs.

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