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15 GIFs From "The Detour" That'll Make You Say "Me And My Family"

They're batshit, but you love them. Check out all the craziness the Parker family gets into on an all new season of The Detour, premiering on Tuesday, February 21, at 10 p.m. EST, only on TBS!

1. There are literally no words to describe your family.

2. Weddings, stores, restaurants — you just can't take them anywhere.

3. If there's such a thing as "sharing too much," your family has mastered it.

4. Yet for some reason, they never believe you about anything.

5. And they know exactly how to burn you and make it really hurt.

6. Sure, they try to protect you from all the evils out there.

7. Though really, you've learned to do the exact opposite of whatever they do.

8. Their idea of a fun outing is hardly ever what you had in mind.

9. But at least when you end up having a bad time, you're all in it together.

10. And they'll never judge you for bailing out early.

11. "Please don't let it be awkward. PLEASE." —you, internally, before every family dinner

12. Playing a game with them? It will be an ordeal.

13. Doors — your fam has no idea how they work.

14. But let's face it: They make your life anything but boring.

15. And you'd totally do anything for them.

You wouldn’t be you without your family. See how yours stacks up against the Parkers in The Detour, premiering commercial-free on Tuesday, February 21, at 10 p.m. EST, only on TBS!

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