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WHich Halasz Palace Gal R U

Whi one???

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  1. Where can u be found on a friday night?

    Getting lit @ the club
    Walking outside to look @ the moon
  2. What is your drunk persona?

    Smol drunk child
    OUtgoing af
    Sappiness 2 the max
  3. Biggest Pet Peeve?

    when ppl couGH INTO. THEIR. HANDS.
    dishes in the sink
    when people call u cute too much
    lesbian movies filmed through the male gaze
    really ugly ass running shoes with a nice outfit
    jean on jean
  4. What turns you on?

    when she doesn't mind holding ur clammy hand
    logan lerman
    Anna Netrebko singing song to the moon
  5. What music do u listen to? like

    opera af
    indie (preferrably on a record)
    bollywood jamz (but depends on mood tbh)
  6. Are you a snake or snail?

  7. If you were a character in The Magic Flute, who would you be?

    1st spirit
    2nd spirit
    3rd spirit
  8. What’s your major instrument?

  9. Fave Movie?

    Carol (2015) Dir. Todd Haynes
    Lord of the Rings
    How to Train Your Dragon
  10. how messy r u?

    i haven't seen my floor in years
    reasonably messy but occasionally
    my room is a PALACE keep it clean keep it clean

WHich Halasz Palace Gal R U

You got: Teresa!!!!

You can be extremely shy at times, and others are often fooled into thinking that you are sweet and gentle minded. Don't fret though - you know your true self: high sodium content snake. You're a big fan of Cate Blanchet and you'd probably sell your soul to meet her. You're often found reading in coffee shops, drinking water from mason jars, and silently judging people. You may be small, but you're the most perfectest 5"1 person to ever live. Congrats!!!!

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You got: LAUREN

YAAAAASSS u r lauren!!!!! u r a bubbly gal, who is full of affection for your friends. You love to be around people, and could talk for hours if someone would let u. Good taste in memes, probably a hardcore lord of the rings fan, and lover of all things opera.

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You got: Insiya

You are the smallest of the smalls. Infinitely adorable, but you pack a creative and intelligent punch too! (also a physical one sometimes). Are u a big dragon & moon fan? probably. You keep ur roomates form #reking everything. U r the mom of the apartment but everyone loves u 4 it.

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