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5 Reasons That SNL Is The Best Show On Television

As if you didn't already know that it is.

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1. It doesn't care about being politically correct

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Saturday Night Live / Via Youtube

Time and time again, SNL has completely disregarded social norms in return for providing comedy. Just this past week, they aired a skit called "Black Jeopardy." We applaud them for not caring about what people think.

2. It always takes on a challenge

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Saturday Night Live / Via Youtube

Donald Trump attacked SNL and Alec Baldwin after SNL aired its cold open about the second presidential debate and spent the majority of the time bashing him.

SNL proceeded to go after Trump more viciously the following week, even saying that "the whole world' is laughing at Trump. You go, SNL.

3. Kate McKinnon

Channel 60 / Via

Do I really need to say more?

P.S.: She won an Emmy Award this year for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series on SNL. In conclusion, she's amazing.

4. It always switches up its hosts

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Saturday Night Live / Via Youtube

Because don't you get tired of seeing the same people on a show every week? The SNL GENIUSES have a different person taking the reigns (and acting in the skits) each show!

...AND you get to witness the magic of Lin-Manuel Miranda without paying $300 to see Hamilton!

5. It doesn't have to abide by the Safe Harbor regulation


The Safe Harbor regulation states that "indecent content" cannot be aired on television between 6a.m. and 10p.m. local time.

The true brilliance of SNL is that it is aired late enough that it can do whatever it wants, but not too late where most people are asleep (like the Late Late Show that airs at 12:37a.m. EST).

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