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10 People You Date As An Asexual

5 awkward dating situations and r amazing dating situations!

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1. The Sexual Guilt Tripper

Now it's perfectly fine if you need sex in a relationship, but that's something you need to tell your partner. When your partner says they don't want sex in the relationship, that's when you say "sorry, I need sex to feel satisfied in a relationship" and then see other people rather than "oh... oh wow... so you don't love me? Wow.. maybe once you try it you'll love it." And then continue to try to awkwardly force your partner into sexual situations.

2. The Open Book

Sure, you should be proud of your sexuality but there's more to your relationships than just how there's a lack of sex. These kinds of people will be very open about how there's no sex in your relationship, parading it around and making things uncomfortable. Maybe even starting fights with people!

3. The One Who Suddenly Finds Themself

Of course it's normal to suddenly realize that your sexuality is different than what you thought. It's totally normal! You have your whole life ahead of you to find who you are, it's fine! What isn't fine is when they expect their partner to change with them. Just because they found out they want to be sexually active, doesn't mean they should force you to be!

4. The Doubter

When you're an ace, you have to tell your partner right in the beginning of the relationship. It's something all aces need to prepare themselves for considering you expect either "sorry, I'm looking for a sexual partner" or "Hey that's fine I'm also ace / don't need sex!". But sometimes.. you get something in the middle. "Oh, well you'll want to eventually" might be something you can simply brush off... until it's three months into the relationship and your partner is yelling at you for the lack of sex as if you didn't tell them from the start you didn't want sex.

5. Another Asexual!.. with no common interests

Trying to find another ace to date is extremely difficult (especially if you live in a small town), so when you two find eachother you cling as hard as you can. Only a couple dates in you find your humor, interests, and personality don't click at all!

6. The Non-Ace Who Doesn't Need Sex

They say that although they are sexually attracted to you, they don't need any sex! And at first you were very excited, but now you're feeling guilty. "Are you sure you're okay with being sexless?" is something you'll ask a lot. Maybe you have a little fear that they're okay with no sex because they're cheating on you! But, eventually the guilt and fear dies down as your partner lets you know that they're happy and they love you!

7. The Internet Ace

It's impossible to find another asexual, so why not internet dating? You can find someone who is kind and lovely and cares about you, the only issue is that you can't cuddle in real life!

8. The Polyamorous Non-Ace

At first you're jealous! Do they value their sexual partner(s) more than you, the romantic partner?! Of course not! You either find out polyamory isn't for you, OR you feel happy for your partner that they're getting sexual satisfaction in a way that won't make you uncomfortable! ((But don't feel pressured to stay if polyamory isn't for you!))

9.The Cuddle Monster

This ace (or non ace) hates sex, but not intimacy & affection! Even if you go out to a fancy dinner, the night will end in pyjamas eith movies & cuddles.

10. The Confident One

This one doesn't let sex bother them, and can comfort you when you feel pressured to be a sexual being. Underwear stores, movie theatres, and pretty much any public area can be loaded with sex scenes or sex posters. It can be scary, but not with your partner by your side!

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