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Which Member Of Sexcapades Are You?

Sexcapades: a loveable, six-headed hydra of friendship. Frydra. Yeah, let's go with that. Which head are you? It's 3AM, please send help.

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  1. You're at the dining hall--what's the first food you go for?

    Honey butter biscuits
    Mac & Cheese
    Naan (of the above)
  2. Favorite pet?

  3. Your best friend breaks up with their SO--what's your response?

    They are dead to me, and I will destroy them every chance I get
    Ambiguously friendly to their face, shit-talks them behind their back
    Diplomatically tries to keep the peace
    Stay friendly--they didn't break up with me!
  4. What sorts of earrings do you prefer?

    Edgy--so edgy that guys will want to eat them off your ears at parties ;)
    Dangly and unique
    Minimalist (also maybe too afraid to switch them out)
  5. It's Friday night! What are you up to?

    Complaining about the lack of alcohol
    Watching my drunk friends
    As many social events as I can squeeze in
    Quality time with friends
  6. What does your desk look like?

    Messy with like vitamins and shit? idk
    Neat, colorful, and impeccably organized
    Strewn with empty late-nite containers
    Organized chaos composed of architecture projects, heartfelt notes, and gifts from boytoys
  7. Least favorite group on campus?

    That one journalism group that's the worst
    Greek Life
    Calypso music
    I try to find the good in everyone
  8. What do you do outside of classes?

    Cultural groups
    Student Government
  9. Favorite berry?

  10. Pick a quote.

    *tortoise sex sound*
    "Fuck me up"
    "I want to go to there..."
    "What. Is. Happening?"
    "You're the worst."
    "Does anyone want tea?"

Which Member Of Sexcapades Are You?

You got: Taylor

Congrats! You're the shade master, The Shade Storeā„¢. When you're not drinking by the Seine, you enjoy memes, quirky TV shows, and judging people. Always there to call us on our shit, you are a fountain of warmth and good lipstick (but like not a literal fountain of lipstick bc that would be gross).

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You got: Celine

Congrats! You're the Voice of Reason! You catch every pun and pop culture reference there is and perfectly arrange backgrounds for taking pictures of polaroids with your phone. You've got impeccable taste, from fashion to '00s music, and without you, none of us would've survived freshman year with a scrap of sanity.

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You got: Miranda

Congrats! You're the ~eccentric~ one! You appreciate a good slice of pie, regardless of the type of public transportation you're on, and, I promise, you'll learn to play the harmonica one of these days. Even though you claim to be "narcissistic trash," you're the most caring and selfless trash out there.

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You got: Kathryn

Congrats! You're the Sexpert! You're the master of bunny drawings, sexual innuendo, and reciting song lyrics (Seriously, we're talking every word to "Hot in Here", gyrations included). You're always there to comfort someone with a cashew and a Kleenex, whether things are rough or not ;)

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You got: Catherine

Congrats! You're the woke badass of the bunch! You never sleep in your own bed and are always down to destroy the cis-het patriarchy. You're savage in the best way and are fiercely protective of the ones you love.

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You got: Janet

You don't get a congratulations because do you understand that we had to scroll through like two thousand photos to find one of you that's even *mildly* embarrassing?! Jesus. Ugh, fine. Congrats! You're the social butterfly! You never go out without running into someone you know, have hordes of admirers, and a sunscreen application ritual that will keep you young forever. Your sunshiney demeanor, positive outlook, and endless supply of face masks keep us going through even the greyest of days.

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