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    14 Cat Posts From This Week That Will Make You Wanna Hug Every Cat

    *Adopts all the cats*

    1. This sweet little baby just opened his eyes FOR THE FIRST TIME and must be protected at all costs!!!

    2. This BIG BOY just wanted a cuddle:

    3. These real life cat(s) in the hat(s) modeled the latest in feline fashion:

    4. This floofy friend stared deep into your soul and had ALL THE WISDOM IN THE WORLD:

    5. This cat got a ~double bath~:

    6. This one became the HOTTEST ACCESSORY OF THE YEAR:

    7. This adventurous angel tackled the great outdoors and looked so fierce and so brave!!!

    8. This kitten proved it was also part hamster:

    9. This artistic kitty relaxed after a hard day's work!!

    10. This three-kitty yawn train got comfy and cozy:

    11. This lil guy played peekaboo!!!

    12. This wobbly friend tried his best:

    13. This kitty HAD 👏 THE 👏 POWER 👏 :

    14. And lastly, this baby was blessed with the world's MOST PERFECT TOE BEANS: