14 Cat Posts From This Week That Are Purrfectly Precious

    What's better than two cats cuddling? Absolutely. Nothing!

    1. This one got some sweet, sweet scritches:

    2. This angel took a rest on their purrfect little couch:

    3. This tiny kitten stretched so good!!

    4. They blepped:

    5. This smol bean got oh-so cozy!!

    6. This lil' French kitty was saved!!!

    A French biker saving a kitten was the video I needed today.

    7. Stewie here got caught mid-tumble!!

    8. This sweetie hopped and hopped:

    9. This curly-tailed cutie gave one sick side-eye:

    10. This one became a real-life fly swatter:

    11. These cuties shared an adorable embrace!!

    12. This one was doin' nothing at all!!

    everyone shut up and look at my mom's cat

    13. This one was part egg:

    14. And finally, this one gave a whole new meaning to "catwalk:"

    "THEY'RE NOT HERE FOR YOU, CAROL" 📹 Imgur user: OctopussSevenTwo

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