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    14 Cat Posts From This Week To Get You Through Your Midweek Slump

    It's time for your daily dose of smol beans and fluffy floofs!

    1. This sleepy girl was on a roll!!!

    2. These two were the bestest of friends!!

    3. This smol bb wore a chic kitty cardigan:

    4. This sweet angel got all tucked in for a good night's rest!!

    5. This one was oh-so-ready for fall:

    6. This one was not even a LITTLE bit amused:

    7 billion humans exist but I got this one

    7. This boy was LORG AS HECK:

    8. This girl was clumsy as could be:

    Just wanna debut this Video of my cat hitting herself with her tail

    9. This funny boy did a lil' taste test:

    He likes to test the water before I get in.

    10. This kitty had a reflective moment:

    11. This picky eater said, "No, thank you":

    12. This floof became one with nature:

    13. This one prepared for a staring contest:

    14. And finally, this baby was veeeeeery sneaky:

    Sneak attack! (Wait for the wiggle)

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