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    14 Cat Posts To Get You Through The Rest Of This Week

    Don't talk to me unless it's about Cinderblock the cat's INSPIRATIONAL fitness journey!!!

    Hannah Wong / BuzzFeed

    1. This tiny bb reached out.

    u/sushithekittycat / Via

    2. This one was chillin' like a villain.

    u/joeroisme / Via

    3. This one was 60% darkness and 40% eyes.

    u/Lemoncycle / Via

    4. Cinderblock started her weight loss journey and she's doing amazing, sweetie!!!

    Cinderblock is getting their first treadmill treatment to help them lose weight. Cinderblock doesn't like it lol

    5. This one got a bit of a fright.

    6. This boy gave his mouse a lil' cuddle.

    u/BirtSampson / Via

    7. Bowie was VERY expressive.

    This is Bowie. She makes weird faces.

    8. These kittens were playful as could be!!!

    9. This kitters gave a smol wave.

    u/happykaijuz / Via

    10. Roof Cat™ was straight vibin'!!!

    Nobody does comfort like roof cat.

    11. This floof did some good kicks.

    12. This cat got *into* the bag.

    u/-Chunder-Donkey- / Via

    13. This baby reached maximum comfort.

    14. And finally, this little sweetie STOLE OUR HEARTS!!!

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