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    16 Cat Posts From This Week That Are Just What We Need Right Meow

    Four words: Cat. On. A. Leash.

    Hannah Wong / BuzzFeed

    1. This one modeled the latest in feline fashion:

    u/Kimisagamer / Via

    2. This tiny model struck a fierce pose:

    u/Qwerty4498 / Via

    3. This bb did a smol blep:

    u/dopenheart / Via

    4. This kitty tried their best, but they couldn't succeed:

    enjoy this video of my cat’s 6th attempt to jump on the counter.

    5. This little girl said, "No thank you!!!"

    we tried the cat leash on our cat but look at how she just doesn’t give a damn. HAHAHAHAHAHA the way she just throws herself gently on the floor i can’t deal 😂😂😂

    6. Leon GOT 👏 THAT 👏 JOB 👏 :

    u/jcepiano / Via

    7. Splish splash, this baby took a bath!!!

    So cute✨🐈🐾💕💕 Cat bath time✨🛀🚿😹😺🐾💕

    8. These kitties had some serious skill:

    for some wholesome content here’s a video of my cats discovering fidget spinner technology 4 yrs too late

    9. This angel just needed a lil' hug!!!

    u/zewvlf / Via

    10. This one was veeeeeeeery sneaky:

    Ever get that feeling you're being watched?

    11. This bespectacled beauty was smart as could be!!!

    Please forget all the bad things in the world for 20 seconds and look at this cat wearing glasses.

    12. This floof grew up and got smushed!!

    u/nkanloev / Via

    13. This sweetie enjoyed a relaxing massage:

    The best thing I’ve seen today

    14. This one got ~reflective~:

    Cat coming to terms with its existence

    15. These two enjoyed some cozy couch cuddles:

    u/bloohens / Via

    16. And finally, this kitters got what he deserved:

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