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    Updated on Oct 18, 2019. Posted on Oct 16, 2019

    14 Cat Posts To Take Your Week From Blah To Brilliant

    Featuring the ~incredibly rare~ Ramen Cat™!

    Hannah Wong / BuzzFeed

    1. These two were simply the bestest of friends:

    u/CrunchieJoker / Via

    2. This ferocious bb was READY 👏 TO 👏 POUNCE 👏 :

    u/MissGrafin / Via

    3. The kitties were comin' in nicely this season!!!

    u/TheAnswerIsInTheDark / Via

    4. This one gave a lil' pat and a tiny chomp:

    5. These kitties met their twins and were not impressed!!!

    u/EricaH121 / Via

    6. This floof had something to say!!!

    I bet this video of Thursty throwing a fit will get your cat’s attention.

    7. This bb attacked!!!

    Pretty sure the person who filmed this is no longer with us

    8. This sweet angel spread some love:

    u/marysspe_ / Via

    9. This helpful kitters made the bed!!

    Making the bed... when you have a cat....

    10. This smol vampire was ready for Spooky Season™:

    11. Pumpkin here was hard at work!!!

    u/huncamuncamouse / Via

    12. These kitties stared deep into your soul:

    13. This sleepy angel found the purrfect spot to rest:

    Did you need something? Whatcha waking me up for??

    14. And finally, this one made a fascinating discovery!!

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