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    14 Very Good Cat Posts To Keep You Going For The Rest Of The Week

    Cats standing on two feet = EXTREMELY good content.

    1. This sweetie was beautiful like a rainbow:

    2. This bb gave the guitar a tiny strum!!!

    3. This one took a REAL good look at you:

    4. This one just wanted a lil' massage!!!

    5. These two had a ~top secret~ meeting in the bathtub:

    6. This one showed the body wash who was the boss:

    7. This baby was SO. VERY. SMOL!!!

    8. This floof was pure beauty and grace!!!

    9. This one was crowned Most Flexible™!!!

    10. This cutie was purrfectly cozy:

    11. These sweet baby angels got so cute and cuddly:

    He just got a new little sister

    12. This one wasn't in the way at all!!!

    13. These guys were 1) precious, 2) creative, and 3) incredible:

    What happens when one kitty is smarter than the other

    14. And finally, this one was smooth as heck!!!

    I think my girlfriend's cat likes me

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