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15 Cat Posts From This Week That Are 100% Purrfect

Three words: cat on glass.

1. These two performed a magnificent duet!!

promiscuous girl, promiscuous boy, wherever you are you already know im all alone and its that im all yours you that I want what u waiting for?

2. This baby was smooshed real good:

3. This little angel was very worried and scared!!

every time i say my cat’s name she looks at me like i just told her that her husband died at sea

4. This mommy showcased purrfect character development!!

5. This babe was in the middle of this Golden Retriever sandwich!!!

please reply to this tweet with the last dog pic or video you've saved on your phone. i’ll start:

6. This one BAKED 👏 THE 👏 BEANS 👏:

7. This one had a lovely lil' time at the doctor's office:

Preggy mama cat enjoying her ultrasound

8. This one was LORG and in charge!!

9. This one thought ~outside of the box~:

My cat poops like this and it will never stop being funny to me. Her litterbox is huge yet she chooses this.

10. This bb was SICKENINGLY cute:

3 second video to make your day better ♥

11. This guy took a big ol' CHOMP:

12. This angel baby got all tucked in for her cat nap:

13. This boy took a lil' break from his busy schedule:

14. This ferocious feline was both sneaky AND scary!!

15. And finally, this kitty proved cats are big sweeties ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

y’all: cats are so mean!! they’re antisocial as fuck and never let anyone touch them!! all they do is bite, scratch, and avoid people!!! cats: