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    14 Cat Posts From This Week That'll Make You Say, "We Don't Deserve Cats"

    These floofs will INSTANTLY brighten your day!!

    1. Cookie here just wanted a lil' cheese!!

    2. This pretty lady stood at attention:

    3. Winnie presented her purrfect toe beans!!!

    4. This kitty communicated with her owner:

    sometimes if i scream at my cat she screams back LMAOOO

    5. This bb just couldn't make the squeeze!!

    My cat is just a bit too fat to fit in the garbage hole.

    6. This one modeled a fresh summer ~lewk~:

    7. This sleepy baby found the purrfect spot for a nap:

    8. This one was 100% floof:

    9. This smol bean saw a fan for the FIRST TIME:

    Kitten sees a fan for the first time

    10. This bb showed off their THUMBS!!!

    11. These two started a fight and then quickly ended it:

    *Slap* Oh lord in heaven save me!

    12. Denny made himself at home!!

    13. This fluff got brushed:

    14. And finally, this one just made everything a little better:

    Your daily dose of antidepressant