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    15 Very Good Cat Posts To Get You Through This Long Week

    Cats wearing sweaters? It's a YES from me!

    Hannah Wong / BuzzFeed

    1. BABY YODA lurked!!!

    my boyfriend said “oh my god my cat looks like baby yoda” and i look over and sure enough

    2. This angel looked LOVELY in her new Christmas sweater:

    u/whoiskait / Via

    3. This one enjoyed the beauty of winter:

    u/cheerfulpear / Via

    4. This kitters was HIGHLY intelligent:

    My cat is smarter than yours😤

    5. This one supervised the tree decorating:

    gm, please enjoy this wholesome video of my mom and cat decorating the tree

    6. Meanwhile, this kitty was spooked by a tangerine force field:

    u/Iatrogenia / Via

    7. This one was so very confused:

    8. This chatty guy had something to say:

    We need to talk.😂🐱😍❤️

    9. This fellow made a strange little face!!!

    u/x_Teferi_x / Via

    10. This floof was speedy as could be:

    11. This baby simply would NOT share!!!

    Kitten doesn't want to share toy

    12. This cutie did the booping for a change:

    u/Smitty_7991 / Via

    13. This lil' friend came runnin'!!!

    14. This bb showed off their beautiful teefies:

    u/zeusinboots666 / Via

    15. And finally, this supportive kitty did some smol high fives:

    Cute Cat Doing High Five With Athletes

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