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    15 Cat Posts From This Week That Are Cute As Can Be

    Two words: Cuteness overload.

    Hannah Wong / BuzzFeed

    1. Jasmine here was VERY regal and relaxed:

    u/CallMeKono / Via

    2. This mama held her babies tight:

    u/beetlebath / Via

    3. This chonk said, "Oh, hello!"

    this fat thing has strutted its way right to my heart

    4. This little one stretched so good:

    5. This cool cat took the world's most purrfect ID photo:

    I'll never forget when I took my cat to the vet and they took an ID photo

    6. This sweet angel gave grandpa some pats!!

    "Pat pat, cat"..."No, pat pat you, grandpa"

    7. This cat got out of the bag!!

    8. These sisters stared deep into your soul:

    u/Costasmk / Via

    9. This one got so fresh and so clean!

    10. This one went for a lil' swim!!

    My cat goes โ€œswimmingโ€ whenever he drinks and itโ€™s adorable

    11. This bb was oh-so-surprised:

    u/thejohncao / Via

    12. Anthony Hopkins' kitty was moved by the music:

    13. This sweetie gave some A+ cuddles!!

    u/bbkfx / Via

    14. This kitters was very disturbed!!

    15. And finally, these two were veeeeery sleepy: