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    15 Cat Posts From This Week That Are Adorable To Say The Least

    I love these furry lil' aliens.

    1. This chonk cuddled her lil' fish:

    2. He screamed!!!

    3. This one got himself trapped:

    4. This sweetie said her first word??

    Teach your cat how to say mama🤣wait till the end to hear the celebration yaaaay!!😝😹😻

    5. Wily celebrated the big 2-0!!

    6. This bb stole some hearts!!!

    My gf 5 weeks ago: i’m just not a cat person My gf now:

    7. These kitties had a top-secret meeting:

    this doesn’t concern you, Karen. please close the door.

    8. This little one grabbed The Ear™:

    9. These copycats were cute as could be:

    10. These babies got all comfy and cozy:

    11. These neighbors saw each other for the first time!!

    The cat finds there is a cat in neighbor's house!

    12. This one handled the rain in ~style~:

    13. She pounced!!

    She is ready to protect the world.

    14. These twins were INSEPARABLE:

    15. And finally, this sweet baby angel got some miniature pats:

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