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    17 Tweets That Prove Little Sisters Are Absolutely Unpredictable

    "Dear family, I am running away."

    1. They're sensitive:

    Few days back, my little sister killed a cockroach and I told her that maybe he was going back to his home after a busy day, it's kids are waiting for him but you killed it. She cried for 2 hours straight

    2. They have...interesting hobbies:

    My little sister has an obsession with cutting the faces off baby dolls/stuffed animals and putting them on other dolls. Help

    3. They take matters into their own hands:

    My little sister is working on a project for school and I asked her “if this is a group project why are you doing it by yourself” and she said “if I want it done right I have to do it myself, I’m not turning in an ugly poster and getting an ugly grade because of them”... she’s 11

    4. They're excellent babysitters:

    What my little sister does when she’s supposed to be babysitting my son 😂

    5. They're only *slightly* dramatic:

    when my sister doesn't get her own way lol

    6. Like, really just a *little* dramatic:

    Someone ate my sisters’ leftovers..... she been like this for 2 hours😂😂

    7. They're extra as h*ck:

    My little sister and her teacher had a handshake from the beginning of the year and added to it every Friday til the last day of school and here’s the end result

    8. They're absolutely ruthless:

    my little sister just caught me crying and she said “do you do this a lot at college? there are people you can talk to about that” and then kinda smiled and said “but not me, i’m tired. goodnight”😅🙂

    9. They're excitable:

    Picked my little sister up from school early & I guess she got a little bit too excited 😭😭

    10. They're a whole mood:

    i asked my 8 yr old sister what she wanted to b when she grew up & she said “i actually dnt wanna b anything”. & when i asked her why not she said “its too much work”. i never felt anything on a spiritual level more than that right there

    11. They're resourceful:

    My little sister wanted to impress this boy by showing him that she can play Call of Duty but SHE CAN’T so my brother said he’ll play for her and she can just pretend she’s playing and talk on the headset LMAO

    12. They like to see you suffer:

    13. They're pretty darn clumsy:

    so my little sister tried to make a dance video today and this was the outcome 😂😭

    14. They've got jokes:

    So my mom comes home from work to find a message from my little sister... I am cryinggg 😭

    15. They only carry the essentials:

    16. They have some serious skills:

    So I'll just leave this video of my little sister here so y'all can enjoy it just as much as I did 😂♥️

    17. And finally, they're just as hilarious as they are annoying:

    so my 12 year old sister made this sign and held it up in the airport in front of EVERYONE as i was walking down the escalator after my SCHOOL trip.