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8 Historical Paintings Showing What Spring Break Is Like

Spring Break is hella fun and crazy that is told best by classical paintings that some guy did in his medieval garage

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1. You and your friends for weeks planned to wear matching outfits...

Droit du seigneur by Vasily Polenov

then there's that one person in the group that said, "nope" and Regina George the entire break while the rest of the group were trying to be the less hot jungle version.

2. Someone in your group is going to have a near death experience...

Waston and the Shark by John Singleton Copley

after they get into fight with their S.O. that they didn't see those great whites, they have big teeth that you're going having to fight off as your friend wallow in self pity

3. Then when you thought all was good another one goes down

Conversion of St Paul by Carvaggio

they keep telling you they're fine but you're conspiring with the rest in your group a modern version of the Idles of March

5. When you thought this entire Spring Break was a bust...

Coronation of Virgin Mary by Guido Reni

but your next door neighbor is hot af and invites you and your friends to hang with them and their other equally hot friends. #Bless

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