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Which TV Characters Made You Realize You Were Queer?

We get bi with a little help from our (TV) friends!

Developing crushes on TV characters is maybe the best part of the TV watching experience.


Imagining ourselves with the stoic bad boy or the girl next door helps us to understand the kinds of relationships we want for ourselves and the kinds of people we're attracted to.

Cartoon Network

And sometimes these crushes even help us to see that we want to be with people who sit on different points along the gender spectrum.


Who were some TV characters that made you realize you were queer?


Maybe it was Xena from Xena: Warrior Princess. A fierce woman warrior who kicks ass, takes names, and does it all with a sultry grin? Sign me all the way up!


I watched this show religiously as a child and yet the only scene I can remember is one where Xena and Gabrielle in a hot tub. Shoulda known then...

Or Sam and Grizz from The Society. I mean, this couple is unrequited turned very requited love goals. Plus, learning to say "kiss me" in ASL is maybe the cutest way to communicate you respect someone's language and that you wanna bone.


Or Mia from Little Fires Everywhere. Strong, passionate, and down-to-earth, Mia is a fiery queer Black artist who is unafraid to tell it like it is.


When someone is a fierce advocate for their own agency, I get a little hot and bothered.

Or Omar from Elite. Watching him fall in love, come into his own as a gay man, and choose his happiness over what was expected of him definitely gave him an undeniable edge.


Or maybe it was Julia Wicker from The Magicians. She's a badass witch who refuses to take no for an answer, especially when it comes to her passion for magic and for her friends. Passion is hot. So is that sultry walk!


We wanna know whoever it was from TV shows that helped *you* realize you were queer. Let us know which characters and why in a comment below to potentially be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!