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    If You’re Bored With Your Bedroom, Here Are 34 Easy Things You Can Do To Change It Up

    From decor to mini DIY projects, let's turn your bedroom into your personal paradise.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Photo clip string lights to shine a light on all of your memories while also giving your room a soft and ambient feel.

    2. A roll of peel-and-stick floral wallpaper for an instant room transformation that'll have your friends asking for the name of your wallpaper guy.

    reviewer image of the floral peel and stick wallpaper on a bedroom wall

    3. A Rubik's cube-inspired tissue box holder because there's more than one way to ~bless~ your room with your love of puzzles.

    the getDigital plastic magic cube tissue box cover over a box of tissues on a wooden desk

    4. An embroidered Beyonce-inspired accent pillow so you can finally get your room ~in formation~.

    the slay beyonce pillow

    5. A tufted velvet armchair as cozy as it is chic. Great for a pop of color and texture, this contemporary chair will be calling you to curl up on it at the end of a long day.

    the navy modway tufted velvet armchair in a white and gold living space

    6. A pair of metal planters good at ~hanging~ out. Give your plants a fashionably minimalistic home and boost the cool factor of your room at the same time.

    Two hanging planters with circle metal frames

    7. A stained glass honeycomb sun-catcher hand-crafted to perfection. Watch in awe as your room is filled with warm colors when the sun shines through.

    a hand holds the stained glass honeycomb sun catcher up to the sky

    8. A lightweight floral medallion tapestry if your room is missing a soft and neutral touch.

    Large white tapestry with pink, green, and brown flowers in leaves in a circular pattern on the tapestry on a wall in a bedroom

    9. Or a simple line art tapestry featuring an abstract drawing of flowers blooming from the top of a woman's head. And if you're even in need of some creative inspiration, it'll help you remember that the seeds of something new are already planted inside of you.

    reviewer image of the icosa mro black and white tapestry hanging from a pink wall above a keyboard

    10. A pair of sculptural candles in the shapely shape of legs that'll gracefully melt into a puddle of wax, leaving you and your guests in awe.

    a hand lighting the wicks on the "baby won't you light my legs" candles

    11. A roll of water-resistant wood grain contact paper for an easy update to your desks and dressers.

    aerial view of a countertop covered with con-tact wood shelf liner

    12. A trendy and sleek stainless-steel nightstand with an open shelf you can put your laptop on because you've fallen asleep with Emily In Paris watching *you* one too many times.

    the red corrigan studio maaria stainless steel nightstand next to a red armchair

    13. A three-piece floral duvet cover set made from cotton, so you'll have no trouble snuggling up under your covers for your Netflix binge. This vintage-inspired set is both warm and lightweight, so it's perfect for all seasons!

    Pattern 3902 of the vintage style duvet cover set on a king sized bed in a minimalist style bedroom

    14. A two-tier floating shelf that'll organize your books and tchotchkes with a rustic flair. You'll even be able to boast about how easy it was for you to install by yourself since setup only requires four steps...but they don't need to know that last part.

    reviewer image of the Antiqued Black Silver 2-Tier Modern Rustic Floating Wall Shelves mounted on a wall with tchotchkes on each shelf

    15. Or a farmhouse-style diamond-shaped floating shelf for displaying your geometric sensibilities as well as picture frames, plants, and other knickknacks! This sturdy piece is made of metal and wood, so your porcelain elephants are in good hands.

    reviewer image of the coffee Befayoo Diamond Floating Shelves mounted on a wall with a plant and candle on the shelves

    16. A set of five colorful glass vases to catch the light and your new bouquet of lilies. Each vase has a unique design etched into it for some added character and texture.

    Five small glass vases in different sizes with etching on the bases in green, blue, purples, red, and orange

    17. A cheeky lips trinket tray so you can put all your stray bobby pins and rings in one convenient and glamorous place.

    the jonathan adler lips trinket tray

    18. A lotus pendant lampshade for a room brightener with enough charm to make your room feel like it's got a blossoming character of its own.

    19. A round, 3D moon rug to take your reading nook to the next level. This plush, anti-pilling rug will help you get cozy as you imagine the worlds you're reading about.

    the 3D moon rug on a wooden floor

    20. A woven table lamp will help bring an island feel to your room without having to spring for two-way tickets to the tropics.

    the marnie table lamp sits on a nightstand

    21. A Van Gogh-inspired wall plate because art doesn't have to hang in a frame on your wall in order to ~flip the switch~ on your bedroom's aesthetic.

    22. A set of hanging circular photo displays to stylishly show off fond memories of your inner circle.

    reviewer image of the three brass umbra fotochains hanging above a white and gold desk

    23. A pair of sheer ruffled curtains for some whimsical charm that still allows natural light to come in and make you feel like the romantic lead in the movie of your life.

    reviewer image of the white diamond home cascade sheer curtains hanging from a bedroom window

    24. A fun and multifunctional wire photo grid with attachable shelves and baskets so you can display your memories while also tackling your clutter.

    reviewer image of the gold BULYZER grid wire board mounted to a wall

    25. A digital line art print featuring a Black femme enjoying a self-care Sunday, because you could probably use the reminder to rest.

    the selfcare sunday digital art piece

    26. A modern tripod floor lamp that'll give your room a soft glow with an edge. The exterior is a matte black metal and the interior of the lampshades are gold, because edgy can also be classy.

    reviewer image of the archiology black modern floor lamp turned on in the corner of a room

    27. An elegant birdcage terrarium so you can show off your green thumb!

    reviewer image of their Urban Born Birdcage Large Glass Terrarium with moss, stones, and plants in it

    28. Or put your succulent in a nine-sided face vase because you'd never miss an opportunity to blend form and function.

    a green and red succulent in the white multi-face vase

    29. A lightning bolt neon sign or an XOXO neon sign to playfully illuminate your vibe and your room.

    30. A set of utensil-inspired drawer pulls will give your boring desk and dresser drawers an eccentric flavor.

    31. Or a set of agate drawer pulls if you're trying for a more gem-tastic aesthetic. Each piece is uniquely shaped and trimmed with smooth gold plating.

    four purple agate knobs on cabinet doors and drawers

    32. A contemporary area rug featuring abstract marbling that will breathe new life into your room.

    the rectangular gold and grey safavieh rug in a sitting area

    33. A farmhouse style full-length mirror to help you create the illusion of more space and light while also honoring the yee-haw agenda.

    reviewer image of the barnyard designs full length mirror mounted to a bedroom wall

    34. A cool ocean wave and starry night projector that'll fill your room with beautiful twinkling lights. You can even pair it with Alexa to control it with your voice or use its Bluetooth speaker to create the ultimate ambient vibe with some lo-fi beats.

    reviewer image of the galaxy projector filling a bedroom with blue and purple light

    You now that your room feels more like you: