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16 Of The Best Blanca And Angel Moments From "Pose"

The category is...fierce women.

Let's be real: Indya Moore and Mj Rodriguez deserve to get their flowers for their honest, beautiful, funny, and heart-wrenching portrayals of Angel and Blanca.

Color Force / FX

And since I don't know where to send Edible Arrangements, I made this list instead. In no particular order, here are some of the best Blanca and Angel moments from Pose. (*Light spoilers ahead.*)

1. Blanca deciding to form her own house:

Color Force/FX

After having her ball theme ideas stolen by her house mother, Elektra, time and time again, Blanca boldly stands up to her and even offers her fellow siblings a chance to start on this new journey with her.

2. Angel winning the face category, her first win after joining the House of Evangelista:

Color Force/FX

This is particularly special because the last time we saw her walk a category, she got dragged to bits by Pray Tell. But here, she is giving Ice Queen Realness™ and she knows it. Finally, Angel's ball confidence has returned!

3. Blanca organizing a solo sit-in at a trans-exclusionary queer bar:

Color Force/FX

Even when the bar owner and cops flagrantly misgender her, she continues to put up a fight. Her fearlessness, quick wit, and resilience shine in this scene.

4. Blanca winning Mother of the Year:

Color Force/FX

And this in a year when she had to deal with whether or not to disclose her HIV status to her house, police brutality, the death of her mother, taking in her embittered Mother Elektra, and getting all of her kids on the right track for each of them. Of course she absolutely deserved to win (and, of course, I absolutely cried)!

5. Angel coming clean about the fact that she broke Blanca's house rules:

Color Force/FX

After lying about doing drugs at a photo shoot afterparty, Angel decides that the weight of her lie and the height of the pedestal Blanca has put her on are too much. They have a candid and warm conversation about what needs to happen next.

6. Blanca standing up to her transphobic landlord:

Color Force/FX

When her landlord attempts to renege on her promise of leasing Blanca space for her own nail salon after she learns that Blanca is trans, Blanca continues to show us all the bite that often accompanies her bark.

7. Angel's first official photo shoot as a professional model:

Color Force/FX

At first she appears uncomfortable and unsure, but the second she starts voguing, she blossoms and takes everyone by surprise!

8. Blanca's beachy date with a mysterious and handsome lifeguard who saves her from drowning:

Color Force/FX

After he tells Blanca that he knows she is trans, it's hard for her to believe that he might still be interested in her for her. But then he says this and asks to kiss her. Swoon city, am I right? Finally, Blanca is being shown the romantic and sensual attention she deserves.

9. Angel convincing Ms. Ford, the head of her modeling agency, to take a chance on her and Papi:

Color Force / FX

Angel and Papi come to Ms. Ford with a business plan that seeks to find and employ trans models. Though at first Ford dismisses the idea, saying it is too dangerous to invest in people the world has yet to show favor, Angel says this, and Ford changes her mind.

10. Blanca lip-synching Whitney Houston's rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the Mother of the Year ball:

Color Force/FX

At this point in Blanca's journey, she is living alone and with AIDS, fighting fatigue, body weakness, and other symptoms. Still, she gets her children together to help her create this gorgeous and fierce moment. It's like a liberating chant or prayer to all those in the room who are feeling lost and oppressed — a prayer that suggests true freedom will someday be theirs.

11. Blanca gifting Angel with the red pumps she longed for in her childhood:

Color Force / FX

This is one of the moments when we see her start to trust this new family, to believe that they love her for everything she is and that it's okay to want things we were once scared we'd never have.

12. Angel and Papi kissing for the first time:

Color Force/FX

Leading up to this point in the second season, their chemistry was growing to a boiling point. They were always by each other's side and hadn't yet made a move because they didn't want to ruin their friendship. But finally they let themselves be vulnerable, and magic happens!

13. Angel deciding to give Blanca a makeover:

Color Force / FX

After hearing that Blanca has found the perfect site for her nail salon, Angel gives Blanca the news that she needs to upgrade her wardrobe if she's going to work in the beauty industry. She tells Blanca that the way she chooses to walk into a room will show the people in it that she is a woman. And then she throws Blanca's shirts onto the ground.

14. Blanca convincing the dean of dance to give her new son, Damon, another chance:

Color Force / FX

After Damon misses the application cutoff for the semester, Blanca marches into the dean's office to talk. She is able to show the dean not only how much dance means to Damon, but also that she will be there to support and push him through this journey.

15. Angel proposing to Papi:

Color Force / FX

Okay, technically they proposed to each other, but Angel led that charge.

16. And Angel seeing her face on a commercial beauty ad for the first time:

Color Force / FX

It was a glorious moment that the House of Evangelista could share in together.

If any of these moments are new to you, no problem! You can catch up on Pose on Netflix!

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