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    26 Pieces Of Furniture That’ll Hide All Your Secrets

    Your guests will admire your feng shui instead of admonishing your clutter.

    1. A full-length mirror with a secret organizer inside so all of your makeup and jewelry can exist in one perfectly accessible place. Getting ready *just* got a little easier!

    The LVSOMT organizer mirror in a bedroom

    2. A tufted storage ottoman because all your extra blankets have been taking up so much space on your couch, you can't even sit on them anymore. Now, they'll have a safe place to live that also doubles as extra seating or a foot rest.

    The velvet navy Threshold Tufted Round Storage Ottoman in a living room

    3. A sleek and ~sneaky~ shoe-storage cabinet for your ever-growing sneaker collection. Place it in your entryway or your living room, and guests will be none the wiser!

    4. A cozy, storage accent chair perfect for cuddling up on and reading a book. And for stashing your hoard of To Be Read books since your shelves are already overflowing.

    the unbranded brown storage accent chair in a living room

    5. A space-saving over-the-toilet shelving unit with sturdy shelves hidden behind glass panel doors because you don't everyone seeing your butt scrub and Poo-Pourri!

    the roberts Free-Standing Over The Toilet Storage

    6. A freestanding, portable closet you can use to organize your existent closet or to create one almost out of thin air. It's got two hanger rods, five shelves, and three bins, so now you can put away all your clean clothes instead of semi-permanently storing them in a hamper.

    the ghqme fabric wardrobe storing clothes in a decorated bedroom

    7. A contemporary media stand that's so chic no one will know your hoarding thousands of hours worth of video games in there. In fact, "It's a secret to everybody." ;)

    the Chabeli TV Stand in a living room

    8. A timeless linen sectional with a storage chaise perfect for all your extra sheets and pillows for when guests come over. Speaking of guests, this couch also pulls open into a bed!

    reviewer image of the bowery hill steel grey couch in a living room

    9. A charming wall-mounted storage unit that'll add some sneaky storage to your bathroom, kitchen, or office if you've got more toiletries, spices, and paperclips than the average Joe.

    the ebern designs Espresso Dickens Wall Mounted Over-The-Toilet Storage mounted on a bathroom wall

    10. A narrow end table whose secret flip top can keep all your bedside unmentionables...well...unmentioned. Divert attention from that compartment by using the open shelves for your beautiful trinkets and ornate tchotchkes.

    11. A contemporary wooden coffee table with a lift top that exposes a hidden storage compartment for all 27 of your remotes and the many batteries (old and new) that accompany them.

    the WLIVE Wood Lift Top Coffee Table with Hidden Storage Compartment in a living room

    12. A faux-leather storage ottoman that can easily double as seating and then be folded and put away when it's not needed. Though, come on. When is extra storage ever *not* needed?

    13. An upholstered platform storage bed perfect for hiding — I mean, storing all your dirty laundry. This plush bed will add sophistication to your room, and not *just* by moving your clothes pile from off the floor.

    the latitude run gaylen platform storage bed in a decorated bedroom and storage units pulled out

    14. A two-drawer filing cabinet that'll blend in perfectly to your office or bedroom without anyone knowing you're storing a Jason Bourne level of documents in your house.

    reviewer image of the devaise filing cabinet in an office with a scanner on top of it

    15. A dramatic velvet storage chaise you'll want to theatrically lounge on after delivering a powerful monologue about honesty...and then sneakily pull a diary from its hidden compartment.

    the beige house of kampton kroeker storage chaise slightly open in a decorated living room

    16. A tufted leather storage bench that'll fit perfectly at the end of your bed (or in that unused corner of your living room) and hide away your at-home-gym when guests come over. Just roll that yoga mat up and toss it in here!

    reviewer image of the retro brown leather chita storage bench in a bedroom

    17. An industrial coffee table built to last *and* look good while doing it. Its two drawers can store anything you wouldn't want on display on its open shelf. Plus, the wood grain is waterproof, so hiding the fact that you're a bit of a butterfingers when it comes to water glasses will be super easy!

    reviewer image of the homecho industrial coffee table in their living room

    18. A vintage credenza perfect for entryway storage if you tend to lose your keys, wallet, mail, and other essentials somewhere between coming and going. With six drawers and ample shelving space, you'll be able to hide away just about anything!

    the gracie oaks westhoff wood credenza

    19. A secret litter box end table so you don't have to look at your kitty's business all day long.

    reviewer image of the cat house side table in a corner of a living room, housing plants on its surface

    20. An elegant kitchen island to make you look and feel like the winner of every season of Top Chef...even if you have been ordering out every day this year. With three inner shelves and three drawers, you won't soon run out of places to store all the restaurant menus you have.

    the off-white Kuhnhenn Kitchen Cart with Wood Top with open doors revealing three shelves

    21. A weathered steel locker cabinet for a storage solution that'll also add vintage nostalgic vibes to your home. These durable cabinets are fun *and* functional. And — just like in high school — they'll keep your ~paraphernalia~ a secret.

    22. A modern sideboard that'll make a great addition to your dining space, mostly because it'll store all your dinnerware *and* dinner wine.

    23. A tall storage cabinet whose adjustable shelves are sturdy enough to hold your entire vintage board game collection. Hungry Hungry Hippo will be safe behind these framed panel doors.

    24. A stylishly contemporary writing desk with three drawers for storing pages to the novel you've been working on in secret. Nobody needs to know about Inspector Detective until you've at least resolved the major conflict from chapter six.

    the dark walnut gracie oaks christin desk in a decorated office

    25. A vertical resin storage shed for all the gardening equipment you use even though you swear to your neighbors your roses just "woke up like this." This sturdy shed has pad-lockable doors so those nosy neighbors never find out your secret.

    26. A quaint Murphy cabinet bed to help you turn your office into an instant guest bedroom. They'll never guess you forgot they were coming at all with this easy-to-set-up bed.

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