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    Don't Miss Your Chance At 20% Off Pretty Much Everything At Alpha Industries

    Bundle up for the winter with gear from Alpha Industries' holiday sale.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Alpha Industries is having an incredible sale *just* in time for you to prepare for winter! Get 20% off most of the site when you use the code CM2020 at checkout.

    Alright, let's get started! Here are just some great things on sale:

    1. A thigh-length hooded jacket lined with faux fur that'll keep you warm and dry all winter long. And with two interior pockets, you'll be able to keep your wallet warm and dry, too.

    a model wears the elyse jacket

    2. A reversible sherpa bomber jacket as lightweight as it is chic. Get ready to breeze through turbulent weather in this flight jacket!

    a model wears the l-2b sherpa bomber in light cream

    3. A cute bobble beanie with a message about which member of the Greek alphabet you are. Featuring a color contrast design, your ears will not only be warm, they'll be fashionable.

    4. A unisex puffer bomber jacket perfectly designed to protect you from unexpected drizzles on your walk back from the grocery store. Because your outerwear should be as waterproof as the whole peppers in your reusable shopping bag.

    two models wear the unisex ma-1 echo ii bomber jacket

    5. A unisex track jacket that's both water and wind resistant, so you can race for miles even as the clouds start to gather and gusts intensify. It's also reflective so you don't have to worry about not being seen on your nightly runs.

    two models wear the pt track jacket in black

    6. A classic pair of reflective track pants with a waist drawstring and elastic cuffs, because comfort is paramount, especially when you're pushing your body out of its comfort zone with your workout regimen.

    model wearing the track pants

    7. A double-layered NASA hoodie so you can rep your favorite space program and/or your favorite Ariana Grande song.

    the nasa ii hoodie in black

    8. A day pack whose four pockets can hold all of your essentials on your daily walks so you can keep your arms free to dance at stop lights. YMCA, anyone?

    9. A durable water-resistant parka made to help you endure the elements. Its five pockets mean you can keep your purse at home and your hands nice and toasty!

    a model wears the n-3b w parka in commander red

    10. A water-resistant shearling-lined parka that'll practically bounce the cold right off of you! And the reflective print on the sleeves means that drivers and bikers will see you as soon as the sun sets (which is unfortunately at around 4 pm these days).

    the n-3b skytrain parka

    11. A cozy crewneck sweatshirt with a utility pocket on the sleeve you can slip a pen in so you'll always be ready when you're asked for your John Hancock.

    the 60th anniversary crew sweatshirt

    12. A heavy duty backpack for all your hiking adventures. It's even got padded shoulder straps so you can wear it for long stretches of time. Perfect for that day-long trail you've been wanting to trek!

    the mission backpack in khaki

    13. A functional quilted utility vest designed to carry every single one of your essentials while you walk, work, or warm-up!

    a model wears the als utility vest

    14. A water-resistant kids snorkel parka that'll protect up to sub-freezing temperatures, which is perfect for the kid that refuses to leave their snow angel!

    the n-3b parka y in replica blue

    15. A hooded NASA bomber jacket because you may never be outside during a meteor shower, but if you're wearing this water-resistant jacket during a rain shower, you'll definitely stay dry. And a rain shower is waaaay more likely.

    a model wears the l-2b women's hooded nasa bomber jacket

    16. A lovely puffer parka with a chevron-quilted design because staying warm doesn't mean *not* being cute. Which I wish my mother understood when I was a kid, but that's for another post...

    a model wears the chevron puffer parka

    17. A cropped sherpa utility jacket so you can show off your silhouette even when it's brisk out.

    a model wears the cropped sherpa utility jacket in red plaid

    18. A pair of comfy sweatpants that'll take you from basic couch potato to luxe couch ~legume~.

    close up of model wearing basic sweat pant

    19. A vintage mod bomber jacket whose shearling collar you might just feel inclined to POP! This unisex jacket is not only weather-resistant with a quilted lining, but it's also....uhhh SEXY, helloooo!! I mean, look at it!

    two models wear the injector iii mod bomber jacket

    20. A quilted utility jacket made to look like a casual shirt but also (and more importantly) made to keep you warm. Its jersey lining will leave nothing to be desired...because you'll have it all!

    a model wears the quilted shirt utility jacket in dark khaki

    Now that your cart is full of wintery goodies, all you have to do now is use the code CM2020 for 20% off!