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12 Awesome Products For People Who Just Don’t Want To Adult

Responsibilities? Nah. Avoid adulting with Taxfyle — simply download the app, take a picture of your tax docs, and a licensed CPA will handle those bad boys for you.

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2. This app that legitimately helps you make decisions:

By far THE most stressful adult responsibility made easier with a few taps on your smartphone. We are truly living in the future, people. 👽 Peep it here.

5. This app that will let you say byeee to the laundromat:

Your clothes will be picked up, cleaned, and delivered right back — and you don't even have to be home to receive them! Peep it here.

And the Taxfyle app, which means you don't have to interrupt your podcast binge to do your own taxes.

Courtesy of Taxfyle

Take a picture of your tax docs, upload them to the app, and a licensed CPA will make sure you get dat refund.

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