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12 Awesome Products For People Who Just Don’t Want To Adult

Responsibilities? Nah. Avoid adulting with Taxfyle — simply download the app, take a picture of your tax docs, and a licensed CPA will handle those bad boys for you.

1. This robot who just wants to dust your floors:

2. This app that legitimately helps you make decisions:

3. This carb-o-licious microwave cooker:

4. These crazy-cool bouncing boots that sure beat the treadmill:

5. This app that will let you say byeee to the laundromat:

6. This anti-soggy-cereal savior:

7. This litter box that cleans itself:

8. This app that = immediate pizza:

You push, you get a pie (or three), and all is right with the world. Peep it here.

9. This white-noise app to help you block out the world:

Roommate hassling you to do the dishes? Dude next to you trying to be social during your morning commute? All you can hear are softly crashing waves. Peep it here.

10. This stylish, odor-eliminating pillow:

11. These stomping pads for your stomping grounds:

Your dream of being able just to step on something to make it go away can finally come true! Buy it here.

12. This beautiful cookie-dunking spoon:

Because if adulting means giving up the best midnight snack in the world, we don't ever want to grow up. 😜 🍪🍪 Buy it here.

And the Taxfyle app, which means you don't have to interrupt your podcast binge to do your own taxes.

Thumbnail images from Thinkstock.