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    Charli D'Amelio Is Going To Rap On Dixie D'Amelio's New Song

    So, do they all do music now?

    As you all know Dixie D'Amelio is starting a career in the music industry. She has already released 3 singles Be Happy, One Whole Day, and Roommates.

    She even has an EP coming out soon.

    On the latest episode of their podcast, CHARLI AND DIXIE: 2 CHIX, the two discussed Dixie's new music and revealed Charli is rapping on her next song.

    She and I quote, "Charli came with me yesterday to the recording studio and she actually rapped on my song. It was really good. Charli has a little part in I think it’s the next song I’m doing, I’m not sure yet.

    Then Dixie asks Charli what she thought about being in the studio.

    “I think it was really cool. It was really fun, and I mean, I didn’t actually sing anything, we just chit chatted. Which was super fun. It was a little scary because I tend to be a little bit more quiet, and I had to kind of speak up,” Charli said.

    After, Dixie goes on to explain what the song is about.

    "We had to be super animated, because we’re trying to… Well, I don’t want to give away too much, but we were trying to be like super catty (gossipy),” she said. Then she proceeds to tell Charli, “It was cool having you there. I’m so excited for it, it’s such a fun song!”“I just don’t want this song to be taken literally, because I don’t want it to come with drama. I just think it’s a fun, chanting song. It’s a chant for fun. I’m excited for this one.”