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    Kelly Clarkson Covered Mariah Carey And It's Everything I Needed

    Here for legends covering legends.

    On the latest The Voice episode, Mandi Castillo wowed all the judges with her rendition of Juan Gabriel's "Así Fue" and had them fighting over her.

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    When John Legend asked whose music she likes to sing, she said Mariah Carey. Kelly asked what her favorite Mariah song is, and Mandi said "Vanishing." Kelly got so excited, she stood up from her chair and shared her love for the song.


    Mandi ultimately went with John Legend, but Kelly's stanning got Mariah's attention on Twitter. "Kelly, I'll take your track 5 and raise you a track 3 on Meaning of Life!" she wrote, referring to Kelly's song "Heat."

    Kelly, I'll take your track 5 and raise you a track 3 on Meaning of Life! ❤️ @kellyclarkson + Mandi that was so beautiful, rooting for you all the way!! ❤️

    Kelly was thrilled to get the compliment from the legend Mariah herself, so she decided to treat her fans to a cover of "Vanishing" on Instagram.

    "I thought I'd start with 'Vanishing' since it kind of made my day when I saw Mariah Carey tweet me," Kelly said. "I'm in the bathroom, it's cool, I feel like I'm back in high school" she joked while self-quarantining in her Montana ranch.

    Kelly Clarkson

    Spoiler: It's ridiculously good because, duh, legend covering legend. Kelly does put her own spin on it, saying "I totally changed the whole song. I kind of forgot where it went at one point."

    After the song, she pleaded to fans to stay indoors. "Please keep social distancing a thing. You know, all our people — the doctors, [people in] the medical field, our nurses — I know a lot of them and they are putting their lives on the line to make sure everybody's healthy, so please do them the respect of keeping distance from everybody."

    Kelly kept an optimistic outlook, reminding us that "we're going to get through this" and gave updates on what her life under quarantine has been like. "We have a lot of kids and we've been doing school [at home] every day and we've been cooking every meal, which I don't generally do, but everything tastes great when A.1. sauce is involved."

    She also promised plenty of content for all of us bored while quarantining, including music and a look at her ranch life. "I mean, you have nothing to do, so let's watch some calves be born," she joked.

    Kelly Clarkson

    I'm here for anything Kelly wants to throw at me. She could even sing the alphabet and I'd be perfectly fine with that!