Phoebe Waller-Bridge's New Show "Run" Is A Domhnall Gleeson Thirst Fest And I'm Here For It

    All I need is for Domhnall to text me "RUN."

    I have a confession to make: gingers are my thing. Perhaps it's because they're extremely rare where I grew up, but I've always been fascinated by attractive ginger men.

    So it should be no surprise that my biggest celebrity crush is Domhnall Gleeson.

    My thing for Domhnall began when he was Bill Weasley in Harry Potter and I was a very thirsty teen who dug the whole "messy-haired emo werewolf" thing.

    Then, of course, there was his first big romantic film, About Time, that I cannot watch without needing a cold shower and some alone time.

    Even Star Wars' General Hux does weird things to me.

    So Run, his new streamy HBO thriller, is definitely my cup of tea. The show, created by Fleabag script editor Vicky Jones and co-executive produced by Phoebe Waller-Bridge (she also plays an upcoming role in it), premiered on Sunday night.

    It turns out I'm not the only one with an intense crush on Domhnall.

    he's beautiful, perfect, talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing spectacular, totally unique, stunning, prodigious, legendary, awesome, breathtaking, magestic, phenomenal, fantastic, magnificent, extraordinary, iconic. i love domhnall gleeson

    merritt weaver and I are the same bc we have both masturbated furiously thinking about domhnall gleeson

    If you are a fellow member of the Domhnall Gleeson Thirst Club, Run is exactly what we needed.

    In the show, the brilliant Merritt Wever plays Ruby, a suburban mom who receives a texts that says "RUN" from her college boyfriend Billy. They made a pact 15 years before that if one of them texted "RUN" and the other replied the same thing, they had to leave everything behind and meet up at Grand Central Station in New York City to travel wherever it may take them.

    Within just the first episode, Merritt and Domhnall's chemistry is explosive.

    The look Ruby gives Billy while knowing how bonkers it is to leave everything behind for this guy and recognizing how gorgeous he is is *chef's kiss.*

    And don't even get me started on how extremely relatable Ruby's bathroom scene was, because GIRL, SAME.

    As much as the mystery of what Billy's running away from intrigues me, I'm just thankful Domhnall finally has a super steamy role where he's thirsted over. He deserves it.

    So, Domhnall, if you ever want to text me "RUN," I'm ready.