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    9 Infuriating Things About Austin From "A Cinderella Story"

    Even though Sam knew all this, she still went for him.

    1. He was basically cheating on Shelby.

    Warner Bros.

    Yeah yeah, we get it — she was a bitch. However, cheating should never be okay, and if he really wasn't happy with her he shouldn't have kept going back to her! When they were together he kept texting some mystery girl about how much he loved her. SMH.

    2. He never paid attention to Sam.

    Warner Bros.

    Just because Sam was a hardworking girl trying to make a living at a diner and not being a cheerleader doesn't mean she wasn't worthy of Austin's attention! He never cared for her before he knew she was the cool girl he was talking to.

    3. How did he not stop the play when he knew what was going on?

    Warner Bros.

    If he really cared about Sam, wouldn't he have stopped what was happening? Or why did he not chase after her after he saw her crying? He was always a fuckboy and this moment topped it off.

    4. He had horrible customer service.

    Warner Bros.

    Did he even say hello? Ask how she was? Ask maybe what she needed? We get it was supposed to be humorous, but he didn't even apologize for coming off as rude. Plus don't tell a girl what she needs, he should have recommend it.

    5. He was part of the rudest clique in school.

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    How about when his girlfriend was openly rude to Sam in front of not only him but everyone standing in the parking lot? The fact that he said nothing about it and moved right along with his day should have been a sign that he was not a great guy.

    6. He couldn't recognize Sam?

    Warner Bros.

    I went to a pretty big high school, but I can guarantee that if I had a tiny eye mask, and spent the whole night with one guy, he should be able to recognize me without the mask. What were you concentrating on, Austin?

    7. When he had nothing to say to Sam.

    Warner Bros.

    You watched her cry in front of a crowd of people because your emails were read out loud, never once tried to make it up to her, and then when she confesses her heartbreak to her you have nothing to say? First off, you're a jerk for having nothing to say, second you look constipated and should get that fixed.

    8. He blew the football game and waited for the rain.

    Warner Bros.

    FIRST OF ALL if you went to high school, you would know that football games are a huge deal. This was a big night and Austin thought that out of all the times to apologize to Sam, that the middle of a football game would be the PERFECT time to?! YEAH, OKAY. And honestly, I am just upset at Sam for this one, because she could have done way better.

    9. The ending.

    Warner Bros.

    So they both get accepted into an Ivy league school and live happily ever after? I demand a sequel where she finds herself a guy that sees her for the amazing girl she is right away, and not after she humiliates herself for him. BYE.

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