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    26 Beauty Products From Target With Reviews That'll Inspire You To Shake Up Your Normal Routine

    They say that the truth will never steer you wrong and these reviews come in major clutch 😉.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An Urban Decay makeup setting spray that has reached GOAT status. This cult-favorite find is beloved by viewers since it keeps your makeup in place all day long — even on humid days.

    A person with a purple manicure holding two bottle of makeup setting spray

    2. A L'Oréal wonder water treatment expertly designed to show lackluster-looking strands who's boss. This number works in EIGHT seconds to transform dull, rough strands into a shiny, silky masterpiece. And.... its suitable for all hair types. Jackpot😉!

    3. A Jergens in-shower lotion for folks looking to up the ante with neck-to-toe moisturizing. This baby comes in major clutch to hydrate skin without the worry about drying off first. Your grooming sessions have now become a breeze💕.

    A bottle of in-shower lotion

    4. An E.l.f. Cosmetics face cream perfect for layering every inch of your canvas with lasting moisture. This lightweight pick is infused with hyaluronic acid, squalane, and other skin-loving ingredients that lock in hydration and help brighten skin.

    A swatch of face moisturizer

    5. A curling wand for folks with ~sizzling~ desire to rock a head full of lustrous curls. This single barrel rose gold masterpiece add shine, combats frizz, and heats up in record time to sculpt your mane to perfection.

    A gold single barrel wand with its accompanying packaging box

    6. A Carol's Daughter water-to-foam shampoo crafted to give textured strands supreme levels of TLC. Made with micellar technology, this popular find gently lifts dirt, oil, and debris from your mane all without stripping your hair. Bonus: It also makes detangling feel like a walk in the park😉.

    A bottle of shampoo with sliced aloe

    7. A Mented Cosmetics semi-matte lipstick that has become my personal favorite. This black woman-owned staple comes in nine glorious brown and pink nude shades to achieve the "your lips, but better" look. Plus, it hydrates and leaves your lips feeling pillowy-soft.

    A person with their hair styles in a ponytail wearing a nude lipstick

    8. A tube of cream-gel formulated with curly-hair lovers in mind. This hybrid offering combines the powers of a hydrating cream and holding abilities of a gel to produce sculpted, defined curls — all without the annoying crunch. Curly hair, do care😍!

    A tube of curly hair gel

    9. A Revlon combination hair dryer and styler created to bring ease to your styling sessions. This pick dries hair quickly (and I do mean quickly) and gives your strands great levels of volume. Best of all, excess heat usage is a non-factor. You're welcome!

    A person using a hair styler

    10. A pack of acne patches for folks at their wits end with pesky blemishes. This godsend works while you get beauty sleep to remove all the gunk and debris from your skin, leaving you with a clearer-looking complexion in the a.m. Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone else, this is the future💕.

    A person holding a set of pimple patches

    11. A pack of press-on nails for beauty lovers looking to score salon-quality nails at a fraction of the price. This staple provides DIY-realness so you can rock a stunning manicure in a matter of minutes.

    A pack of press-on nails

    12. An E.l.f. Cosmetics makeup sponge perfect for creating a streak-free canvas. This beauty staple features angled sides for seamless blending, a precision tip to help conceal imperfections, and can be used wet or dry for matte and dewy looks. Makeup application has just become easier!

    A red makeup sponge sitting on top of liquid makeup

    13. A detangling leave-in spray created to help folks comb through knots and tangles like a slab of butter. Made with Moroccan argan oil, this essential conditions, prevents breakage and split ends, and tames frizz and flyaways like a gem.

    A bottle of hairspray with a cut citrus peel, fruit, and argan fruit

    14. A set of under-eye masks you can count on to upgrade your skincare routine. This budget-friendly find supplies the under-eye area with lasting moisture and brightens up your peepers for the ultimate reset. Welcome to the world of luminosity😉!

    A person with a hair towel wearing a set of blue under-eye masks

    15. A glass polisher for folks determined to perfect the at-home pedicure. This pretty-in-pink tool works like magic to slough away all signs of dry, callused skin, leaving you with silk-baby-soft skin. Your pumice stone should be very afraid.

    A person with their foot rested on a rolled towel using a pink foot polisher

    16. A Milani blush that's small in size, but packs a mighty punch! It gives your cheeks (and anywhere else you prefer) the perfect tinge of illumination with a burst of color.

    A blush compact on top of various shases of blushes

    17. A can of dry shampoo meant to come in major clutch on non-wash days. This number soaks up excess oils like a sponge sans the white residue, removes all signs of product buildup, and introduces some va-va-volume into the mix.

    A can of dry shampoo, a brush, yellow nail polish, a sunflower, and cotton pads in a glass jar

    18. A serum lip mask designed to help banish dry, chapped lips with ease. Boasting hylauronic acid, white rose essence, and pomegranate extract, this contouring mask supplies your lips with moisture that lasts well after application.

    A person wearing a pink lip mask

    19. A tube of Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara that has reached holy grail status. This cult-favorite comes with an hourglass shaped wand that coats every lash to deliver a fluffy, voluminous fringe. Yes, your dream natural lashes are now a reality!

    20. A vitamin C serum for folks looking to add brightness into their skincare routine. This pick works like a charm to firm, nourish, and add radiance to your complexion. Picture-perfect skin is on the menu!

    A set of three vitamin C serums

    21. A Tigi hair waver that'll put your current heat-styling tool to shame. This baby works masterfully to sculpt each and every one of your strands into soft, gorgeous waves that go the distance😉.

    A person using a hair waver in their purple hair

    22. A hair mousse by The Doux you can rely on to whip textured tresses into tip-top shape. This Black-owned find keeps sleek styles perfectly in place and gives curls, coils, and waves supreme hold and definition.

    A bottle of hair mousse

    23. A Versed cleansing balm that may very well become your makeup removal BFF. Made with eucalyptus oil and vitamin E, this formula dissolves into a light milk that gently melts away dirt, oil, debris, and all types of makeup. As a result, you'll be left with clean, refreshed skin.

    A person applying cleansing balm

    24. An Honest eye cream with hyaluronic acid created to breathe life into your peepers. This essential helps to plump, moisturize, and hydrate your eye area for a refreshed appearance. Tired eyes? Don't know her!

    A tube of eye cream

    25. A coconut and vanilla body lotion that tips the moisturizing scale in your favor. Enriched with essential oils, this skincare treat deeply penetrates skin to provide hydration that lasts and smooth skin that feels like a baby's bum💕.

    A jar of body lotion with vanilla plants and white flower petals

    26. And a Winky Lux lip balm formulated with plant-derived ingredients to envelop your pout in moisture and keep dry lips at bay. Consider this the perfect primer for your lip routine💋.

    A person applying lipstick

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.