This Web Series About Cats Running A Pizza Hut Is Everything

    And these cats are real cutie-pies.

    Pizza Hut Japan has launched a web series called Pizza Cat. It's a fictional Pizza Hut run by four absolutely adorable, cutie-pie cats.

    The show's episodes focus on the internal workings of this fine feline establishment.

    Uh-oh. The Pizza Cat boss catches has caught his employees napping on the job.

    Here's how he handles the "nap" debacle.

    Woooo! Pizza Cat gets its first order.

    Here's how Pizza Cat's boss analyzes employees' pizza stats.

    While the boss is away, an employee eyes a forgotten pizza.

    Here, another employee gives Pizza Cat a thorough clean.

    A Pizza Cat employee plots her delivery route.

    Stuck with some smelly grunt work. Boo =(

    At the end of a long work day, Pizza Cat's boss counts his hard earned money because, make no mistake, this is a very serious business.

    You can watch the episodes in their entirety here.

    H/t Adweek.