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    32 Lego Tattoos That Will Thrill Your Inner Child

    Everything's better when you Lego.

    Tasmai Uppin / Via BuzzFeed

    1. Classic Lego being its jolly self.

    2. This Lego zombie that is all kinds of sick.

    Geekster Ink / Via

    3. Lego Batman and Robin ready to get the bad guys.

    4. Doing Star Wars, Lego style.

    GeeksterInk / Via

    5. This Lego Superman that's ready to save the world.

    GeeksterInk / Via

    6. A happy Lego lovin' blueprint.

    7. This tattoo of Lego bumps that Lego artist Nathan Sawaya got inked.

    8. Lego magic behind your ear.

    9. Benny, the spaceman, in geometric spaceland.

    10. Who ya gonna call? These awesome ghostbusting Legos.

    11. Connect the lines of Lego.

    12. Pin-up for Lego lovers.

    Craig Holmes / Via

    13. This person who got Lego's official 404 error image.

    14. For the love of plastic food.

    15. This person who made himself into a Lego mini-figure and then got it tattooed with his beloved pug sidekick.

    16. The Lego force is strong with this one.

    Josh Wedin / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 38446022@N00

    17. The name is Bond. Lego Bond.

    18. This Lego that's delivering Lego mail.

    19. The Village Legos frozen in YMCA space.

    20. This Joker that wants to know why you're so serious?

    21. This Indiana Jones Lego ready for an adventure.

    The Art of London / Via

    22. These bricks that are a perfect match.

    Rob Smith / Via Flickr: 59549419@N00

    23. The land of the rising Lego.

    24. This Gene Simmons Lego that wants to rock and roll all night.

    Heather Maranda / Via

    25. This Lego looking for Electric Avenue.

    26. Ahoy matey! How's it Lego-ing?

    27. This Bob Ross Lego who believes in "happy accidents."

    28. Bad-ass Lego looking for trouble.

    29. Ron Weasley, Lego-ing hard.

    30. This leg is on fire.

    31. Little blocks of heaven.

    32. Livin' la vida Lego.