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8 "Star Wars" Tweets That'll Inspire You To Bring Your Rey Game

The Force is with her. Show your love for Rey on Force Friday — Sept. 1 — at Target!

1. Rey: the brave, fierce Star Wars hero we all know and love.

Have I mentioned how ridiculously happy it makes me that the hero of the new #StarWars trilogy is a girl? #Rey is…

2. She’s a scavenger, pilot, mechanic, Rebel…aka someone everyone can look up to.

Interviewer: Who are your heroes? Me: Rey from Star Wars. Interviewer: I mean professionally. Me: ...Rey from Star Wars.

3. Someone who will always have your back.

4. Rey proves to be a complex character, time and time again.

My all-time fav Star Wars scene is when Rey puts on the X-wing helmet. So much is depicted in that one moment!

5. And her fighting spirit always shines through.

My little #Rey of sunshine 😍 #StarWars

6. She's a true inspiration for the next generation of Star Wars fans…

I saw Star Wars for 1st time when I was little & Leia's been my hero ever since, now I love that so many little girls are inspired by Rey.

7. ...young artists included!

#Rey & #BB8 cartoon painting my daughter did (in a day) to cheer me up after surgery back in 15. #StarWars #SW…

8. Rey's a hero through and through.

Watching The Force Awakens with the kids. Every time I watch this I love Rey more and more. What a hero.

Feel inspired? Bring your Rey game to Target for Force Friday on Sept. 1. Doors open at midnight!

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