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16 Reasons Why Pugs Should Win Every Costume Contest Ever

This is the pug's season to shine. The curly tails and wrinkly faces just can't be beat. But whatever pet you have, Target has them covered.

1. It's a known fact that pugs are costume royalty:

2. They have the most enthusiasm:

3. The most class:

4. And the most expressive faces:

5. Their group costumes can't be beat:

6. Their tongues alone are worthy of a trophy:

7. Seriously, they've got lickers for days:

8. For the sake of fashion, they'll wear something evil:

9. Or wander across the galaxy as majestic banthas:

10. They can rock a hot dog as good as any dachshund:

11. They're happy to go as a Carmen Mirandog:

12. They wear mullets without complaint:

13. Unicorns look cuter when worn by a pug:

14. They fight crime with a smile on their face:

15. Their dramatic stares are museum worthy:

16. Let's face it: They may not even need a costume to be absolutely adorable:

Inspired by all the Halloween goodies that Target has for your pets:

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