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13 Pets Who Are Too Adorable To Be Scary

Man's BFFs make even the scariest costumes look sweet. And for costumes sweet to scary, Target has your furry friends covered.

1. In a Wampa costume, this pug is the opposite of threatening:

2. With a happy tail wag, Dogzilla flattens entire cities:

3. This chihuahua is simply arachnadorable:

4. Underworld demons have the best pouty faces:

5. Pug Vader uses the dark side of the Force to melt hearts:

6. Pirate Pug would rather veg on reality TV than make anyone walk the plank:

7. Warrior bulldog uses cuddles to pillage your village:

8. Vampire Kitty wants to softly bite on your neck:

9. Like a bat out of Hell (and into your heart):

10. This pup gives out venomous pinches and sloppy kisses:

11. Spider Pug spins webs of sweetness:

12. Devil Dachshund would like to welcome you to a fiery entirety of cuteness:

13. Watch out for Monster Cat's giant horns when snuggling with her:

Inspired by all the Halloween goodies that Target has for your pets:

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