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10 Dogs Dressed As Other Dogs

These pups put extra howls into Halloween. And for whatever your dog wants to be, Target has them covered.

1. Pug + Pug Costume = Pugception:

2. This golden retriever has dreams of being a Dalmatian:

3. This dog rose from the dead to be Frankenweenie:

4. This little rascal went as Petey:

5. Every Chihuahua wants to be a big, bad wolf every once in a while:

6. Twice the Husky makes for twice the cuteness:

7. This Big Red Dog went as the biggest, reddest dog around:

8. This pup likes to play spokesdog:

9. More pug for more pug love:

10. ...and this dog went as the tastiest kind of dog:

Inspired by all the Halloween goodies that Target has for your pets:

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